At SAI, we value diversity of people, thought, performance, and we aim to treat everyone with  respect, and dignity. We believe that peak performance is best achieved through having the right people. People with energy and the spirit of enterprise. People who can create dynamic business cultures where performance is a matter of pride.
This is the SAI’ recruitment philosophy. We place great importance on attracting and retaining the right people and we are committed to investing in and nurturing our next generation of business leaders.
At every level throughout the organisation, whether a port captain, a sales and marketing executive or a document manager, we work together as one team to set new standards of service as we support our customers’ business.

Recruiting and retaining the right people

Continuous education and qualifications are crucial, but we also seek for people with an entrepreneurial, creative spirit, people who are keen to take on responsibility and those that can be team players.
Our people are passionate about what they do. SAI makes every effort to create an environment in which they can flourish and are stimulated to further strengthen their competencies, share their knowledge and develop their skills to make them strong team players ready to be deployed nationwide.

Teamwork and cooperation

The market is continually developing and moves on rapidly. SAI has to be able to mobilise the experts at a moment’s notice.
An expert team of professionals can be tailored to an individual project, giving our customers peace of mind that they have the right people to get the job done, no matter how challenging. Our employees build partnerships with our customers based on mutual trust and respect. Teamwork and cooperation are the key to success.
We are proud of our history of serving the port and shipping industry for more than 10 years and believe that our achievements can be attributed to the quality of our people and our ability to help them realise their aspirations.